2021 Family Photos

Every year we try to squeeze in a family photo session; usually during the fall so we can make the most of the photos and use them on our yearly holiday cards. Plus, it’s always nice to have these photos of our family, year after year, to look back on and see how much everyone has grown.

Ever since I’ve seen work by Mindy Joy Photography years and years ago, I’ve always wanted her to capture our family. I was so excited when I reached out to her that she was able to squeeze in sometime for us.

Truly, the hardest part of getting our family photos done is finding what colors and outfits we want to wear. Two years ago we went with the ‘mustard, navy blue, and maroon’ color scheme and after seeing the canvases hung throughout our house, I loved how they matched the colors in our home decor. We decided to stick with it again, but changed it up a bit with who wore what colors. Once again, Amazon came in clutch again for us and we found a majority of our outfits on there.

This year, the time got a bit ahead of us and having an outdoor session wasn’t ideal. I thought it would be a nice change from our usual ‘fall-themed’ photos and go for something more modern. We utilized the urban scape of a local hotel and I was so thrilled with how they turned out. With a little help of bribery in telling the kids we would take them to their favorite store after, the kids did SO good and made mom and dad very happy!

I’m excited to share with all of you some of our favorites from our session with Mindy Joy Photography! Which ones do you love?


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