2022 Holiday Family Pajamas

Every year we pick out a new set of holiday pajamas for the family, and this year was no different. EXCEPT this year, I actually didn't procrastinate and had them ordered before the end of November. A big mom win! We were actually flipping through the Costco flyer that we get in the mail and… Continue reading 2022 Holiday Family Pajamas


Our 2022 Fall Recap.

What a fun filled fall! Fall is certainly my favorite time of year and I wanted to recap some of my favorite memories with you! A weekend trip in to the city! John and I love taking weekend trips in to the city and decided to take another trip before the weather gets too cold.… Continue reading Our 2022 Fall Recap.


Halloween Costumes from Amazon for the whole family!

I look forward to family Halloween costumes every year. There are so many ideas out there for family costume ideas, but as a family of 6 it gets a little more difficult. In years prior, we've dressed up as Minions, Superheroes, and Angels and Devils. After brainstorming a bit, we decided on dressing up as… Continue reading Halloween Costumes from Amazon for the whole family!


Recipe: Street Corn Chicken Tacos

If there is anything you should know, I LOVE tacos. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every. single. day. You mix that with some elotes or street corn? I'm sold. The combination of my two favorite foods...cue the mouth watering. Okay, enough of me trying to sell you on making these. Just… Continue reading Recipe: Street Corn Chicken Tacos


Travel With Us | Virginia Beach, VA

Over 20 hours in the car with two young kids? Were we crazy? Probably. But worth every minute? ABSOLUTELY! John and I planned a spontaneous 6-day trip while the girls were on vacation with their dad in Florida, with the destination of Virginia Beach, VA in mind. We knew it was going to be quite… Continue reading Travel With Us | Virginia Beach, VA


Ain’t no party like an ART party.

Over the weekend we celebrated our little girl turning the big E-I-G-H-T in a few short days. We asked Aubrey what she would like to do to celebrate her birthday and she chose to have a party at home with family. After going through a few fun theme options, she decided on an ART party.… Continue reading Ain’t no party like an ART party.


So, let me reintroduce myself.

This could be the place where I rattle on and tell you I’m a mom, a lover, a craft-enthusiast, but rather, I want to use this platform to share more than that. So who is Shayla Jo? I’m still trying to figure out everything I want to be and I’ve got a whole lifetime to find… Continue reading So, let me reintroduce myself.


1/4th of our year in photos.

A fourth of the year has about gone by and we've been nothing short of busy. Between birthday celebrations, mini-vacations, and every day life April has snuck up on us. I wanted to share a bit of our year thus far with all of you; enjoy! Valentine's Day John and I drove up to Chicago… Continue reading 1/4th of our year in photos.


A letter to my daughter on her 10th birthday.

Well here we are. You are officially a pre-teen. Two whole hands old. An entire decade of life is behind you. I’ll be honest, Mahkena. You turning ten is so hard for me. While you want to be double digits and get more into your big girl status, my heart sinks just a bit. Ten years… Continue reading A letter to my daughter on her 10th birthday.

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2021; Our Year #LeParteyof6 Style

Leaving 2020, we hoped that covid would stay with it and 2021 would bring everyone a fresh start, mostly pandemic free. Unfortunately, that was not the case and it affected this year just as much as the last. But one thing is for certain, we tried our best to not let it hold us back… Continue reading 2021; Our Year #LeParteyof6 Style