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2021; Our Year #LeParteyof6 Style

Leaving 2020, we hoped that covid would stay with it and 2021 would bring everyone a fresh start, mostly pandemic free. Unfortunately, that was not the case and it affected this year just as much as the last.

But one thing is for certain, we tried our best to not let it hold us back from making the most out of 2020 and creating so many wonderful memories. With a lot of restrictions still in place, we spent a lot more time at home as a family and truly learned that there is “no place like home.”

As our kids continue to grow like weeds (ages 13,9,7 and 4 now – HOLY COW!), we’re recognizing their own little personalities develop, all while creating this special bond together. You can certainly tell Kaylei now is a teenager; independent with a side of sass, but we love it. You can easily tell that she’s the three younger’s favorite; always fighting for her attention. Mahkena is still her sassy-self, but this year she’s come out of her shell a bit and is still our talented little creative lady. Aubrey is as fearless as ever with the sweetest heart and would do anything for her family. Mason will always be our baby and is always making us laugh. I hate how fast our four are growing!

As we move into 2022, we’re looking forward to all that is to come. Here’s our family video for 2021; we sure hope it brings you joy of our year in review.


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