family halloween costumes

who doesn’t love a good family halloween costume? i’m all about being that ‘cheesy’ family with matching halloween costumes, but with 6 of us it gets a little challenging to find ones that fit us all,

last year we all dressed up as minions and it was difficult to find some in all of our sizes, so this year to make things a little simpler we decided on going with a superhero theme. that way we could all find costumes in our sizes, but still have the same theme.

i thought i’d share photos of our day trick-or-treating at the campground, and share links of where we bought of each of them in case you decided to dress up too!

each of the little girls dressed up as batgirls, one in pink and one in purple. they both looked so cute with their capes and bright colors.

i wish you could have seen mason’s face when he opened his spiderman costume. there were days straight that he just begged to put it on and wear it around. we found his costume at costco, and now are only wishing we got him other superhero costumes too for him to dress up and play in throughout the year.

mason was stoked when his big sis wanted to be spidergirl so they could match, the two of them together always make me smile!

we’ve already got ideas flowing for what we’ll be dressing up as next year and are already looking forward to it.

will you and your family be dressing up this year?


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