thankful thursday.

happy thankful thursday. cheesy? yes, i know. but lately, and especially today being thanksgiving and all, i’ve been feeling especially grateful.

it’s so easy to lose sight of everything we have and those in our life in the midst of a chaotic life. but today, i wanted to focus on the positive things and write about what i’m thankful for…

today, i’m thankful for my family. for the holidays bringing us all together and the time we can share. until you’re older and everyone’s lives are going a million different directions, i don’t think you realize just how much you cherish every moment you get together.

a job that i love. i can’t tell you enough how much better your life is when you wake up every morning knowing that you’re going to a job that you actually enjoy. i enjoy what i do and am so fortunate to work with people that i can consider friends.

my relationship. everyday i’m thankful for him walking into my life. he motivates me to do better in life; he inspires me to be a better version of myself. he was the love i needed when i didn’t know i needed it and i’m in love with the life we’ve created together.

lastly, i’m thankful for our kids. they’re feisty at times and a bit of hard work, but i wouldn’t want them any other way. they constantly make me smile and i’m proud to call them mine.

what are you thankful for?


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