Our Home

our home for the holidays.

christmas time is easily my favorite time of the year. some of my fondest memories growing up are helping my parents put up our christmas tree and decorating our home for the holidays. now it’s an extra special time because i get to share on those traditions with my own family in our home.

if you’re anything like me, i can hardly wait until thanksgiving to prepare our home for the holidays. this year was no exception; we put up what we had before thanksgiving and then scored some great deals on black friday to make our home a little more “merrier.”

i wanted to share a few photos with all of you of how we bring the christmas cheer to our home:

we’re that family and have zero shame about it – we have multiple trees within our house. we found a great deal at michael’s on black friday for a white tree, so we brought our tree that is decked out in all our family ornament’s downstairs. the family spends a lot of time downstairs, so it’s always nice to have some holiday spirit down there as well.

i totally became that “pinterest mom”; once i saw a white tree decorated with buffalo plaid while scrolling one day, i wanted to try and recreate it. this tree sits upstairs in our main living area and is a perfect accent nestled in between the windows.

we ordered a mantle for our fireplace, but while waiting for it to get here, we had to get creative as to where to hang our stockings in the meantime. we picked up some garland and decided to hang them from our railing. we put our six up, and are considering just using the mantle to hang the two dog’s stockings once we get that up just because we liked how it turned out so much.

lastly, we had to keep our tradition going with our annual gingerbread house decorating. this past weekend the grandparents came over and we decorated some along with making a few ornaments. i love seeing their little pieces of holiday “artwork” sprinkled throughout the house.


~The Polar Express

having our home all decked out for the holiday season really puts a smile on my face. i know it may be a little crazy to go all-out before it’s even december, but if holiday cheer is wrong i don’t want to be right!


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