a recap of our year – 2019.

2019 started off challenging, but has ended being one of the very best years. i'm taking this year as something that i will look back to, and be grateful for where it took me. and in 2020, i'm ready for more, more of this happy life. i took a few minutes to look through my… Continue reading a recap of our year – 2019.


a photo journal – summer 19

the summer of 2019 is officially over for me as my girls have started back up with school. this summer had its lows, it's highs. and everything in between. but looking back at all the pictures that i'll be sharing in this post, it was the best summer of my life. so many life changes… Continue reading a photo journal – summer 19


and i’m thirty!

holy hell. it's here. i'm officially thirty. and i think i'm excited. not what i ever thought i would say about turning thirty, the big 3 - 0, a new decade, but it's here and i'm ready. this year, as I move into this next decade of life, i'm taking a little bit of a… Continue reading and i’m thirty!