the summer of 2019: my bucket list.

fall is and will always be my favorite season, but after some long cold months, summer comes in as a close second. i love what summer brings…sunshine, cookouts, adventure.

this summer is going to be different. it’s going to be better because i’m spending it with people who make me feel alive, and that’s the way life should be. it may include a whole lot of netflixing and just being at home, but that’s what i look forward to the most. a care-free summer with my favorite people.

so cheers, cheers to the best summer yet!

a few of these things are planned, and some are just some realistic, manageable ideas that i’ve put down on my summer bucket list that i’d like to do:

  • be creative – i haven’t spent a lot of time this year doing what i love most: creating. i hope to get some time in this summer to paint.
  • visit a zoo – always one of my girl’s favorites.
  • go camping – tenting, campfires, and stargazing. that’s been on my list for years! i want to make it happen this summer.
  • have a picnic – pack a lunch and go enjoy the sun. i’ve never experienced this. i want to.
  • messy twister – paint and some summer cocktails. why not?
  • the obvious: go to a cubs game – and lots of them.
  • go to a drive-in movie – something that has always been on my bucket list and still have yet to cross off.
  • hit up the madison farmer’s market one saturday morning – always a favorite of mine!

what about you? what do you have planned this summer?


july favorites.

july is always such a fun month for me.  lots of time in the pool, parties and byronfest, and my daughter’s birthday month.  she’s turning 10 this month and it blows my mind how fast time has gone.

i wanted to share with all of you a few of my favorites from this month; a few new, a few old:

hobonichi techo 


i wanted to purchase a new notebook to use as an art journal.  after doing some research (yes, for a notebook…im dorky) and looking up reviews i ordered an a6 hobonichi techo weekly from

i thought the same thing…what is a hobonichi? it’s a japanese daily planner with a very minimal design. the paper is super thin; which makes it not very bulky and easy to toss in my purse.  i really like the aspect of being able to customize it as well, with tons of different cover options.


if you don’t know about yet, you should…talk about addicting. is an online market boutique that features daily deals in women’s fashion trends, home décor, and children’s clothing from different shops.

hop over there asap. you will not regret it, but your wallet might.

artist loft watercolors


i’ve been really enjoying using watercolors lately, especially within my new hobonichi that i’m using as an art journal.

when looking for a new watercolor set, i didn’t want to spend a lot of money simply because i wasn’t sure if id like using them. i settled for a cheap set and honestly, i don’t think i’ll need to ever try a different brand.

i purchased the artist loft’s brand from michael’s arts and crafts. best part, they’re only $8.99!

covergirl blast pro mascara


i came across this mascara on a complete accident and it has now become a favorite from this month.  we were running errands one day and i remembered that i was running low on my mascara at home.  i had to run into walgreens for a few other things and picked up this covergirl blast pro waterproof mascara.

i’ve been using it for a few weeks now and really like how full it makes my lashes look. the best part is the price: it typically ranges from $6 – $8!