30 before 30.


i’m a lover of lists and enjoy being able to cross things off of them once they’re complete. it keeps me on track and motivated to get things done.

me turning 30 is scarily just around the corner for me; i’m already dreading it so much.


i’ll be 30 in less than 8 months and am not sure why i’m just now sharing my 30 before 30 list with all of you. but what time is better than now?

1. create a blog

2. visit another country

3. go on a plane

4. get a tattoo

5. buy a house

6. take a pottery class

7. plant a garden

8. go to a nfl football game

9. get my bachelor’s degree

10. see the ocean

11. visit an art museum

12. watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same place

13. watch a movie at a drive-in

14. swim under the stars

15. take a wine and painting class

16. take a yoga class

17. find an active hobby…cycling or running

18. go on a girl’s trip

19. have a booth at a craft show

20. learn to do a handstand

21. do something that terrifies me

22. dye my hair a different color

23. ride in a side-by-side

24. go on a road trip with no planned destination

25. go on a scavenger hunt

26. journal weekly.

27. let go of a floating lattern

28. do a wine tasting

29. pay for a stranger’s meal

30. kick off my 30’s with an adventure

*those in bold i’ve been able to accomplish

5 planner supply storage ideas.

planning can get messy, especially when you’re like me and have to sprawl all your planner supplies out when getting crafty. convenient – until you have to clean it all up.

i’ve attempted many different planner storage methods since i began using a planner in 2013. some have worked, some not so much. i typically plan in my craft room, but when i travel or haul all my planner supplies downstairs to craft on the couch, i like to have them all organized.

these are 5 inexpensive, yet effective, planner supply storage ideas that i have used and love:IMG_1571

my first ever planner supply storage bag was this adorable pink and gold jewelry organizer from joann fabrics. i love how compartmentalized it is and it’s small size, perfect for tossing in my purse for planning on the go. unfortunately, they are super hard to find and don’t sell them at their stores anymore.


i was looking for storage trays to store my washi tape in in my desk and came up with the idea to store them in a cutlery tray. it works perfectly! they are no longer rolling around in my desk and the best part is that you can pick them up super cheap!


i instantly fell in love with this craft storage bag from hobby lobby.  it fits so much, has tons of pockets, and the handles make it super convenient to take it along as you travel.



need another washi tape storage idea? i love using this storage solution for when i plan in the car.  using a embroidery hoop from hobby lobby i strung on some washi tape and closed it shut. easy and perfect for hauling with!

my cousin gifted me this thirty one all-in bag and i can’t get enough of it! it’s the perfect size and i really like how open it is! i swear that i can toss a million things in there and still have room!