life advice for my daughters.

  1. seek out the people and places that set your soul on fire.
  2. it’s okay to cry when you’re hurt. but wash your face, clean your mess, and get up off the floor when you’re done. you don’t belong down there.
  3. your body, your rules.
  4. naps are for grown-ups too.
  5. reserve your apologies for when you mean it.
  6. we are all different. it’s okay to be who you are.
  7. push through your fears.
  8. work for your passions.
  9. when you’re trusted with a secret, keep it.
  10. if it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset by it.
  11. use your manners.
  12. find your tribe, and love them hard.
  13. hold the door open for strangers.
  14. celebrate your successes.
  15. always trust your gut.
  16. tell people when you are proud of them.
  17. you will make mistakes, and that’s okay. learn from them.
  18. have “me” time.
  19. say goodbye to the people who don’t lift you up.
  20. laugh. a lot. life is too short.
  21. forgive your enemies, just don’t forget their names.
  22. don’t let your envy set your goals.
  23. stand up for what’s right, even when it’s hard.
  24. smile and use eye contact.
  25. always protect your siblings.
  26. know your worth.
  27. enjoy your metabolism while it lasts.
  28. magnify people’s strengths, not their weaknesses.
  29. have a few regrets. it’s what makes life interesting.
  30. remember that i love you. to the moon and back.

letter to my daughters about love.

my little loves, i’m sitting here thinking about how it’s even possible that i have a seven and ten year old. you’re both so full of life and wonder. your personalities are really coming through and you’re developing into who you want to be.

you girls are so great about telling me your opinion about EVERYTHING, yet you still let me tuck you in to bed every night and kiss your forehead sweet dreams.

my girls, you still believe in fairy tales, yet are faced to think about hard life questions like, why doesn’t mommy and daddy live together anymore?

your dad and i were young; we were high school sweethearts. he was all i ever knew.
choosing a divorce wasn’t easy, but sometimes the right thing to do isn’t always the easiest or most fun thing to do.

what i have learned through all of this is not to settle, and to love yourself. i want you girls to be reminded of that every day. take life slow, enjoy every opportunity that comes your way, every moment. learn to truly be yourself and fall in love with the idea of being the best version of yourself. it’s a beautiful world out there; live it.

no matter how our world changes, you girls always be my first. we’ll love another together, and we’ll grow together, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

to the moon and back,

your perfectly, imperfect mother