Travel With Us | Virginia Beach, VA

Over 20 hours in the car with two young kids? Were we crazy? Probably. But worth every minute? ABSOLUTELY! John and I planned a spontaneous 6-day trip while the girls were on vacation with their dad in Florida, with the destination of Virginia Beach, VA in mind. We knew it was going to be quite… Continue reading Travel With Us | Virginia Beach, VA



August was full of more birthdays, mini getaways, and football games. Here’s a peek at our month and the life I’ve thankful for.



32 years old today, and there has been quite a few things that I’ve learned through the years. I’ve made good choices, stupid choices, and learned that sometimes the only explanation for your actions is, “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” But through it all, I’ve learned. And firsthand, from my own… Continue reading 32 THINGS IVE LEARNED IN MY 32 YEARS


our stay home diary.

our quarantine life has become our new normal, for now atleast. i feel a lot more settled than i did when we first were told to stay home five weeks ago. whether we like it or not, this will be one of the defining moments of our lifetime. and for that reason, i want to remember… Continue reading our stay home diary.


ten date night ideas.

one of my favorite things about john and i is that way we always make time for date nights, for each other. sometimes it's hard with our busy schedules, and our herd of small children running around, but the fact that we always make time to spend quality time together, alone, is my favorite. so… Continue reading ten date night ideas.


february fun | slumber parties, valentine’s day, and the everyday adventures

the month of january seemed like it lasted half a dang year, and now february seems to be just FLYING by. as much as i'm looking forward to warmer weather, i wish it would slow down a bit just so i could enjoy each of these moments a little bit longer. this month is only… Continue reading february fun | slumber parties, valentine’s day, and the everyday adventures


just a little january.

this month has been a little quiet here on the blog, so i'm breaking up that silence a bit. how are you all feeling about this month? i've been feeling really GOOD about 2020 - a fresh month, a fresh year, a fresh decade. take a look at what we've been up to... we rang… Continue reading just a little january.


recipe: chicken parmesan.

this is easily one of my favorite recipes, and quite simple to make! it's a meal that looks like you probably spent quite some time on making, but all the ingredients come together nicely, and majority of them you probably already have in your pantry. it's very versatile and can be served as a side… Continue reading recipe: chicken parmesan.


recipe: cream cheese white chicken chili.

need a simple, chili recipe that pairs perfectly with football sundays? my family has an amazing white chicken chili recipe that they've made for years; it's hearty and delicious. this weekend i was in the mood for some chili and decided to take the old recipe, tweak it a bit, and make it more my… Continue reading recipe: cream cheese white chicken chili.


first day of school interviews (2019).

just like every august, we’ve done everything we need to do: gathered new school supplies, spiffed up the school wardrobe… however, this year was a little different for my girls as they both started new schools in a new district. this year we ventured to roscoe; a new elementary school and dare i say it…middle… Continue reading first day of school interviews (2019).