first day of school interviews (2019).

just like every august, we’ve done everything we need to do: gathered new school supplies, spiffed up the school wardrobe… however, this year was a little different for my girls as they both started new schools in a new district. this year we ventured to roscoe; a new elementary school and dare i say it…middle school.

i think i was more nervous than they were…but they were so ready, so confident. this momma was proud of them, pulling back their hair, laughing their crazy laughs, and most importantly just being themselves on their first day at their new schools. i am so looking forward to watching more of them and the lessons that they learn – both in school and in life. Roscoe, we’re ready for you!

my girls started sixth and second grade this year. we kicked off the new year with some of our typical “first day of school photos”.

and just like previous years, we made sure to do our first day of school “interviews”.

i asked both of my girls these questions and i thought i’d share with all of you:


  1. name: kaylei
  2. age: 11
  3. grade and teacher: 6th – mr. lovgren
  4. what i want to be when i grow up: recruiter
  5. favorite color: yellow
  6. favorite movie: san andreas
  7. favorite place to be: at starbucks
  8. favorite food: frozen yogurt
  9. favorite subject in school: math
  10. what do you love: my family


  1. name: mahkena
  2. age: 7
  3. grade and teacher: 2nd – mrs. binning
  4. what i want to be when i grow up: a starbucks employee
  5. favorite color: pink
  6. favorite movie: home alone
  7. favorite place to be: at target
  8. favorite food: candy
  9. favorite subject in school: art
  10. what do you love: dogs

“say yes to one more book, one more hug, one more kiss goodnight, tuck them in and snuggle them tight. one day you will tuck them in and they’ll be grown. they will smile and tell you they can do it on their own.”


fun christmas traditions with my girls.

the holidays are approaching and my favorite time of year is very near…christmas!

i love christmas time. we all get to take a break from our busy schedules and get to spend time with those who matter most to us.  it’s a time for us to be grateful for those who we are surrounded by and feel the joy that is created by all the memories that are made. now that i have my own family, i especially appreciate this time of year and continuing traditions with them and creating more.

here are some of my favorite christmas traditions that i enjoy with my girls:

advent calendar

every year around this time, we buy two advent calendars, one for each of my girls.  it’s a fun way for them to count down until christmas, and one of the very first things they like to do every morning.


here are some of our favorites:

elf on the shelf

elf on the shelf

we started this fun tradition probably 6 years ago, and every year i question why we ever did because it can become quite a hassle, but my girls LOVE it, making it SO WORTH IT.

you can find more about the elf on the shelf tradition here, but in short, every night between thanksgiving and christmas when the kids go to bed, parents move the elf into a new hiding spot.  the idea is that elf is santa’s little helper, and goes back to the north pole every night to report to santa if the kids were naughty or nice throughout the day.

i’d recommend buying the elf on the shelf bundle, which comes with the children’s book that explains the story. you can buy your own here.

christmas lights scavenger hunt

i’m like a little kid when it comes to this family tradition; i enjoy it probably just as much as the kids!

for the past few years, around the week of christmas, i print out some fun christmas lights scavenger hunt lists that i find online, we all load into the car, and drive around marking ones that we see off our lists.


you can find the one’s that i plan on using this year here. simply kierste design’s blog always has the cutest things!

christmas music and decorating


the weekend after thanksgiving, we take down all of our fall decorations, blast christmas music and put up everything christmas! it’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays and i just love how festive our home becomes.

cookie baking day

ever since i can remember, my mom, sister, and i would spend a full day before christmas baking what seemed like millions of christmas cookies. we’d make trays and trays of them and deliver them to our neighbors, teachers, friends, and family.

it was a tradition that i looked forward to every year, that time with my sister and mom. and now, my girls are involved, and they get to join in on making these special memories with the three of us.

chrismas movies and popcorn on christmas eve


after all the christmas eve day festivities are done with, we always invite grandma’s and papa’s back to our place. we pop some popcorn and throw on a christmas movie. it’s always a toss up between the same two movies every year…elf or the grinch.

it’s something as simple as watching a movie together; it makes memories that you’ll never forget.

build a gingerbread house


this tradition, i’m not necessarily involved with but one of my girl’s favorites. during the beginning of the holiday season, they will go over to grandma’s house and make a gingerbread house. it’s so fun to pick them up, see what they’ve made, and their huge smiles across their faces.

30 before 30.


i’m a lover of lists and enjoy being able to cross things off of them once they’re complete. it keeps me on track and motivated to get things done.

me turning 30 is scarily just around the corner for me; i’m already dreading it so much.


i’ll be 30 in less than 8 months and am not sure why i’m just now sharing my 30 before 30 list with all of you. but what time is better than now?

1. create a blog

2. visit another country

3. go on a plane

4. get a tattoo

5. buy a house

6. take a pottery class

7. plant a garden

8. go to a nfl football game

9. get my bachelor’s degree

10. see the ocean

11. visit an art museum

12. watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same place

13. watch a movie at a drive-in

14. swim under the stars

15. take a wine and painting class

16. take a yoga class

17. find an active hobby…cycling or running

18. go on a girl’s trip

19. have a booth at a craft show

20. learn to do a handstand

21. do something that terrifies me

22. dye my hair a different color

23. ride in a side-by-side

24. go on a road trip with no planned destination

25. go on a scavenger hunt

26. journal weekly.

27. let go of a floating lattern

28. do a wine tasting

29. pay for a stranger’s meal

30. kick off my 30’s with an adventure

*those in bold i’ve been able to accomplish

things you’ll understand if you work in an office.


i’ve accumulated a few years of office work within my 29 years of life. offices can be odd, odd places…every morning i wake up and drag my butt into a small, confined space where the air is stale to sit in a chair and stare at a computer screen for 8 hours.

these are some of the things that i’ve noticed that you’ll only understand if you work in an office:

the temperature war

most offices only have only two temperatures: arctic tundra or steaming sauna. i’m pretty sure that i spend more time at work trying to wrap up in a blanket or set up my space heater than i actually do working.

weight gain

it’s inevitable. there are always snacks available, and when you’re stuck between cubicle walls for 8 hours a day, everything makes you excited, especially food.

awkward small talk

there’s always that awkward small talk, especially on monday when you get the revolving question “how was your weekend?” and you know they have no care in the world how it actually was.

addiction to caffeine

you’re staring at a computer for 8 hours; what do you expect? one cup a day ends with atleast 5 and you’re left wondering why you have a hard time falling asleep at a decent time at night.

the dreaded office cold

you hear one sniffle coming from the next cube over and you instantly cover yourself in hand sanitizer. regardless, you know that when one coworker goes down, expect it to take out the whole office, regardless of how much emergen-c you drink.

that one, favorite coworker

and then you’ve got your one coworker that you cant imagine not working with. the one you actually get sad about when they take time off. the one coworker that makes work more bearable and you don’t just consider them your favorite because you hate everyone else you work with.


10 fun facts about me.

i’m stepping out of my comfort zone today. i wanted to do a fun, slightly more personal  post. this was actually a little bit harder to do than I thought it would be; who knew it would be difficult to list random things about yourself!  here’s what I came up with…


i wanted to be an art teacher when i grew up. 

growing up, i had no idea what i wanted to do when i was older. and then i started high school and signed up for my first art class. i loved everything about it, so much, that i knew that i wanted to teach it when i grew up.

i write poetry.

only when i’m sad; it feels better to get the things i’m thinking of out on paper. and i never let anyone read it.

my middle name is JoNette, after my great-grandmother’s name Nettie Jo.

i love that my name means so much to our family. my great-grandma was an incredible woman.

i love skiing in the mountains with my dad. they’re some of my favorite memories growing up.

we started going together when i was in middle school when he’d always be the first to join me on our school trips. it’s one of my favorite things that he has taught me to do.

i’m allergic to orange juice.

it’s probably a good thing that i don’t like the taste, but i sure do miss having it in some of my cocktails.

i’m always cold. 

if i could always walk around with a heated blanket, i would.

i sleep walk. and sleep talk. all the time.

growing up, my mom had to put bells on the doors because i would always try to walk outside.

my biggest fears include fish and clowns.

both super creepy and i avoid getting near them at all costs.

i’m afraid of deep water that i cant see in because 1. fish and 2. when i was younger my swim teacher was missing one of her toes because she claimed an alligator ate it off  and swore and it would happen to me if i didn’t swim faster.

i legitimately despise that woman. and her missing toe.

i refuse to eat the last bite of any sandwich. weird? i know.

i think it has to do with my OCD, but i just cant bring myself to do it.



10 things i’ve learned as a mother.

you can’t really prepare yourself for becoming a parent and you should always expect the unexpected. motherhood is certainly not easy, but it truly is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

my baby girl turned 10 this week and i’m using it as a time to reflect and share 10 things with you that i’ve learned over the past decade.


you can never take enough photos. Of the same thing.

take those photos. capture those memories. you’ll cherish those photos forever.

you will lose friends, but treasure the one’s that stick around. 

there will be friends that you thought would be in your life forever that will disappear when you have kids. and that’s okay, because if they’re not supportive, they were never really your friend.

but with losing friends as you become a mother, you will also make some. and those, the ones that you can laugh and tell anything to, the ones you can compare mom stories with, those, those are the one’s worth treasuring.

things can get overwhelming. don’t be afraid to ask for help.

there will be so many times where you will defeated and run down. don’t be too ashamed to ask for help. you can’t take care of your babies if you don’t care of yourself first. you have little ones that are counting on you.


there are two types of 3 A.M.s

the stumbling out of a bar when it closes at 3 A.M. and the “mommy, i need a drink” 3 A.M.s. but, those types of middle of the night wake ups won’t last long and are exactly what naps are for.

time passes really really fast.

time moves so much faster after you have children. they’re born, you blink, and the next thing you know you’re registering them for middle school. cherish every moment before your babies don’t need you anymore.


coffee will become your best friend.

even if you’ve had to microwave it a dozen times because you keep forgetting to drink it before it gets cold. drink it. even if you don’t like it…you will learn to LOVE it.

you will become your child’s #1 fan.

literally. every milestone. every sports game. support and be proud of every one of their accomplishments.

you will change.

both mentally and physically. permanently.  your priorities change and you learn to become a whole lot less selfish. but in the end, you wont want to change a thing because it’s all worth it.


sneaking food becomes a thing.

it’s totally okay to sneak into another room and enjoy your snack, to yourself. there is absolutely no shame in that.

you can handle more than you think.

you learn to multitask and you become REAL good at it. when you think you’ve hit your limit and can’t possibly take on any more, more things will get thrown at your plate. but don’t worry…you can handle more than you think.


unpopular opinions.

starting of this blog post off with a popular opinion: unpopular opinions are always fun to read.

i’ve always enjoyed reading these types of posts and seeing the things that i agree, or disagree with.

here are a few of my very own unpopular opinions:


  • cotton candy is gross.
  • adult cartoons are a weird; family guy is the worst of them.
  • popcorn tastes slightly burnt.
  • my favorite type of pizza is hawaiian.
  • Unruly beards on men aren’t the least bit attractive.


  • star wars is EXTREMELY boring.
  • drake is annoying.
  • seafood should stay where it belongs…in the ocean, uneaten.