1/4th of our year in photos.

A fourth of the year has about gone by and we've been nothing short of busy. Between birthday celebrations, mini-vacations, and every day life April has snuck up on us. I wanted to share a bit of our year thus far with all of you; enjoy! Valentine's Day John and I drove up to Chicago… Continue reading 1/4th of our year in photos.


A letter to my daughter on her 10th birthday.

Well here we are. You are officially a pre-teen. Two whole hands old. An entire decade of life is behind you. I’ll be honest, Mahkena. You turning ten is so hard for me. While you want to be double digits and get more into your big girl status, my heart sinks just a bit. Ten years… Continue reading A letter to my daughter on her 10th birthday.



August was full of more birthdays, mini getaways, and football games. Here’s a peek at our month and the life I’ve thankful for.



32 years old today, and there has been quite a few things that I’ve learned through the years. I’ve made good choices, stupid choices, and learned that sometimes the only explanation for your actions is, “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” But through it all, I’ve learned. And firsthand, from my own… Continue reading 32 THINGS IVE LEARNED IN MY 32 YEARS


Shop Spotlight: Abigail’s Boutique

happy friday, beauties! it's been a VERY long time since i've done a shop spotlight but i couldn't resist sharing my love for a new boutique i stumbled upon...abigail's boutique! lacey owns the cutest online boutique located in fort worth, texas. her boutique offers trendy, affordable style that gets delivered directly to your doorstep. her… Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Abigail’s Boutique


january 2021, in photos.

we are somehow a whole month into the new year. a lot has changed and a lot hasn’t, but i still have more hope for 2021 than I did for 2020. with few words, here's our month in photos. we got a new bed! we've been keeping an eye out for a bed we both… Continue reading january 2021, in photos.



just like every time around this year, we’ve done everything we need to do: gathered new school supplies, spiffed up the school wardrobe… however, this year was a little different due to covid. they got the option to do in-class learning or e-learning. all three of our girls missed their friends and wanted to try… Continue reading FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL INTERVIEWS (2020).


stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

a sock full of the most random goodies? growing up, stockings were always one of my favorite parts of christmas. you truly never knew what mom, uh santa, was going to toss in there. when considering stocking stuffers, it is easy to go with the basics. there’s just so many things to choose from these… Continue reading stocking stuffer ideas for kids.


#famjams: matching holiday pajamas for the family.

i'm all about making this christmas the best one thus far for our family; starting new traditions and keeping up with the old. i've always pictured waking up christmas morning and having the entire family in matching holiday pajamas. i'm a sucker for those festive, picturesque holiday photos all nestled under the tree opening christmas… Continue reading #famjams: matching holiday pajamas for the family.


family photos friday.

i've always been a big fan of fall family photos - the setting is just perfect and the timing works great to use them for holiday cards. ever since we all moved in together, i've wanted to get photos of us altogether to decorate our home with. i saw leigh photography post about fall photo… Continue reading family photos friday.