if we were having coffee. round four.

life has been a little busy, but you know what? that’s okay. i’ve enjoyed the adventure and creating all these new memories lately.

want to know whats been happening in my life? perfect. pull up a chair and grab whatever you’re drinking; i’ve got some things to share with you.

if we were having coffee, i’d tell you that i haven’t had a lot of coffee in my cup lately. more so tequila. or vodka. i promise you i’m not an alcoholic; i’ve just been enjoying my recent trips away.

i enjoy my job, and lately it has given me a lot of opportunity to travel. it’s been nice to get away from small-town living for while and carry less stresses.

if we were having coffee, i’d tell you that i moved. i had mentioned previously, but the beginning of the year was chaotic with life changes, and even though its been quite the ride, they’re what was needed. including a new place to hang my keys at night. #parkitonmarket

i’ve now got this tiny little house and as much as i worried that it would be too small; it’s perfect. it’s homey and we’re all close. plus, mazi girl seems to agree.

if we were having coffee, i’d tell you about how my girls finished up their soccer season. let’s face it…they hate running. so maybe it wasn’t the best idea to follow in their mother’s footsteps and play. oops.

will they play again next year? probably not. when i asked my youngest if she’d like to sign up for it again next year…her response? “if i can sit on the bench and watch the whole time.” welp, atleast you’re honest mahkena.

if we were having coffee, i would share with you how my littles got to experience “bring your child to work day” at my work. kaylei and mahkena sure enjoyed themselves meeting my coworkers, a guided tour of the building, and learning what I do.

we spent the morning working hard, ate lunch in the park, and made sure to make a pit stop on the way home for some froyo. we get home and kaylei makes the comment, “mom, I want to work where you do when I grow up, but maybe not dress as “fancy”. so not dresses. got it, kid.


letter to my daughters about love.

my little loves, i’m sitting here thinking about how it’s even possible that i have a seven and ten year old. you’re both so full of life and wonder. your personalities are really coming through and you’re developing into who you want to be.

you girls are so great about telling me your opinion about EVERYTHING, yet you still let me tuck you in to bed every night and kiss your forehead sweet dreams.

my girls, you still believe in fairy tales, yet are faced to think about hard life questions like, why doesn’t mommy and daddy live together anymore?

your dad and i were young; we were high school sweethearts. he was all i ever knew.
choosing a divorce wasn’t easy, but sometimes the right thing to do isn’t always the easiest or most fun thing to do.

what i have learned through all of this is not to settle, and to love yourself. i want you girls to be reminded of that every day. take life slow, enjoy every opportunity that comes your way, every moment. learn to truly be yourself and fall in love with the idea of being the best version of yourself. it’s a beautiful world out there; live it.

no matter how our world changes, you girls always be my first. we’ll love another together, and we’ll grow together, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

to the moon and back,

your perfectly, imperfect mother