November 2021; our month in video

this month has flown! we had a great month, full of lots of family time and enjoying each other's company before the chaos of the holidays come up. did anything exciting happen for your in november? see what we've been up to! https://videopress.com/v/2woTwd4S?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata



It is so easy to get caught up in daily life, sucked into the daily routines, and become exhausted by the continuous to-do lists that we make ourselves. What I’ve learned in my life, is that when you find your person, that one-in-a-million type of love, celebrate it. Not just on special dates or at… Continue reading DIY | ‘UNDER THE STARS’ DATE NIGHT


Amazon office must-haves

we're all guilty of it; seeing those items that are all over social media and tik-tok and we can't help but want it. there are so many neat gadgets out there that influencers are reviewing that it's hard not to. and now with working from home being the new normal for a lot of people… Continue reading Amazon office must-haves


around our house: quarantine 2020.

this blog has always been a space for me to share the beauty of our family's moments, whether if it's from the view of the city streets or the comfort of my couch. a place for me to document all of life's adventures, and this year has been quite the adventure thus far. no words… Continue reading around our house: quarantine 2020.


first day of school interviews (2018).

there is no rule book to prepare you for these days. the days where summer comes to an end and you send your kids back to school. the days where all of the love, guiding, laughter, tears, and discipline you’ve poured into them is what you hope is enough to carry them through. summer is… Continue reading first day of school interviews (2018).