july snapshots.

i thought the summer was never going to get here, and now that it’s here, it’s almost already gone. summer is f l y i n g!

this month was busy with making new memories and here are just a few photos i took to capture my july.

this year’s 4th of july included lots of water fights and giggles.
time to thin out and re-pot on of mahkena’s succulents. this one she knew exactly who she wanted to give it to.
pops trusted us with his baby for a few days while he went on vacation.
the girls ended their yearly fundraiser and donated over $800! beyond proud of them.
big mama still as sassy as ever.
lots of time by the blowup pools this month.
and as always, working so hard.
celebrated miss kaylei’s 11th.

and i’m thirty!

holy hell. it’s here. i’m officially thirty.

and i think i’m excited. not what i ever thought i would say about turning thirty, the big 3 – 0, a new decade, but it’s here and i’m ready.

this year, as I move into this next decade of life, i’m taking a little bit of a different approach to things. i want to love more; not only my family and friends, but myself too. i want to hold close the little moments that fall into the every day life routine. i want to travel more, have adventure, and see the world, but i also want to come home and celebrate the life that i’ve built there. i want to live fully in every. single. moment without rushing to the next.

but most of all, i want to appreciate thirty and the time that i have lived. it’s so humbling to look back at the life i’ve lived and see all that’s already been written and see how blessed i am. to see how much i’ve grown and learned. to see how i’ve become so strong and ready for the world.

there are some people out there who don’t get the opportunity for one more birthday with a loved one, so instead of hiding and dragging my feet into thirty, i’ve got my arms open and i’m ready.

join along on my 30th chapter because in this chapter, i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be.

if we were having coffee. round 2.

another month and another coffee date. pull up a chair and grab whatever you’re drinking; i’ve got some more to share with you.


if we were having coffee, i’d tell you all about how my daughter turned 10 this week and how i still can’t believe it.

a whole decade of her life has come and gone and it is so extremely terrifying. her child years are slowly fading and she will be soon venturing into her teen years…yikes!

if we were having coffee, i probably wouldn’t tell you, but i’d wish i could tell you all about the funk i’ve been in lately just to have someone there to listen.

despite my attempts at having a positive attitude, i’ve been in a terrible funk lately. i’ve had no motivation and zero energy. my mind as been clouded with negativity and i’ve been just trying to pull myself through.

if we were having coffee, i’d explain how excited i am that fall is coming.

there is no doubt that fall is my favorite season. summer is ending, but there are so many reasons to be excited that fall is coming: cooler weather, oversized sweaters, football, the apple orchard, and bonfires are just to name a few.

if we were having coffee, i’d share with you about how much i’m embarrassed of my garden this year.

there is certainly no lack of green in my garden this year, but it’s just due to all the weeds. don’t tell my grandpa; he would be so disappointed.