Happy birthday, our sweet boy.

Sometimes people walk in to you life just when you need it most. That was certainly the case with you, Mason Allan. When I met your daddy, I knew that part of falling in love with him was making up a whole lot more room in my heart for you and your sister. That was… Continue reading Happy birthday, our sweet boy.


1/4th of our year in photos.

A fourth of the year has about gone by and we've been nothing short of busy. Between birthday celebrations, mini-vacations, and every day life April has snuck up on us. I wanted to share a bit of our year thus far with all of you; enjoy! Valentine's Day John and I drove up to Chicago… Continue reading 1/4th of our year in photos.



August was full of more birthdays, mini getaways, and football games. Here’s a peek at our month and the life I’ve thankful for.


january 2021, in photos.

we are somehow a whole month into the new year. a lot has changed and a lot hasn’t, but i still have more hope for 2021 than I did for 2020. with few words, here's our month in photos. we got a new bed! we've been keeping an eye out for a bed we both… Continue reading january 2021, in photos.


Mason is 3: A RAWRRRsome birthday party!

it's hard to believe, but our little mason turned three this month! and even though we're in the midst of a pandemic, we still wanted to celebrate. so we threw together a small party; inviting just our immediate family to celebrate his special day. mason is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and has been begging for… Continue reading Mason is 3: A RAWRRRsome birthday party!


march memories | family diary

i think we can all agree that march 2020 was one for the books. it was a strange month for all of us. it started off promising, but then covid-19 ran rampant and ended with people being ordered to stay home. amid everything, we were still able to do a few things this month and… Continue reading march memories | family diary


puppy-themed birthday party | mahkena turns 8

people warn you that having kids is exhausting, but they forgot to mention how tiring it is to throw a kid's birthday party. so much planning, so much time preparing for it, but after seeing how happy your child is during it...'oh so worth it. mahkena turned 8 and we spent the weekend celebrating with… Continue reading puppy-themed birthday party | mahkena turns 8


a recap of our year – 2019.

2019 started off challenging, but has ended being one of the very best years. i'm taking this year as something that i will look back to, and be grateful for where it took me. and in 2020, i'm ready for more, more of this happy life. i took a few minutes to look through my… Continue reading a recap of our year – 2019.