So, let me reintroduce myself.

This could be the place where I rattle on and tell you I’m a mom, a lover, a craft-enthusiast, but rather, I want to use this platform to share more than that.

So who is Shayla Jo?

I’m still trying to figure out everything I want to be and I’ve got a whole lifetime to find it. But, what I do know is this…

I am a mother.

I married young, had two beautiful children, and after years of deliberation and soul-searching, I made the decision to get divorced. At the age of 28, with a 9 and 5-year-old in tow, I moved to my very place for the first time and started life as a single-mom.

Enter Johnathon, the literal man of my dreams. Tall, hard-working, passionate…and with two children of his own. And here we are. This big ‘ole family of mine is a blended one; a combination of a mom and dad who fell in love hard for each other with four children, all with different personalities.

Having four children spanning from ages 13 to 4 can be so frustrating and exhausting. It has also made me a much better person, mother, and partner. I am the happiest and most content I have ever been because of them.

I am a writer.

Ever since I can remember. It started with a heart-shaped diary I probably begged my parents for at Limited Too, then the words poured on to endless journals that I had collected over the years. It didn’t stop there though. With words written that I wanted people to read, this lovely blog took shape. I write and I write because it feels, well…right.

Why do I share my life through this blog? Because we all have a story and I wanted to tell mine. More so, I liked the idea of having a place to share my life’s adventures; the ups, the downs, and everything in between. I wanted something to look back and smile at to feel just how proud I am of this life I’ve created.

So, for now this is me. I hope you stick around. I’d like for you to see who Shayla Jo is.


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