i hope you all had a warm, wonderful christmas! our’s was lovely and spent at home.

i feel like with all the anticipation and excitement of christmas, it seems to take forever for the day to finally be here and then once it’s here, it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

this year was a little different for us because the kids spent christmas morning with their other parents, so we didn’t wake up to little giggles and kids jumping on our bed waking us up so they could open presents. it wasn’t full of chaos of wrapping paper flying everywhere and the house was a whole lot more quiet. but john and i enjoyed the morning together and we were okay knowing that the kids were probably having the best time at their other homes.

around 10am the kids came home, faces filled with smiles and telling us all about their mornings. they were happy to be home and even more happy after seeing more presents piled for them under the tree. we all changed into our matching family christmas pajamas and nestled around the tree.

the kids sure got spoiled with things that they wanted and were eager to start playing with it all.

but john and i had one more big surprise from them that we had been hiding from them for weeks.

if you know our girls, you know they have been begging for a bunny for YEARS. we surprised them with a new addition to the family that they’re absolutely head over heels with already.

welcome to the family, Miss. Bun Bun.

for the next hour or so the kids got to play with all their new toys and had us running around like crazy putting everything together. that time was my favorite; just knowing we were all together and just truly so happy.

mom, dad, and my sister came over early in the afternoon to do our round of christmas. again, the kids got spoiled rotten, even the pups!

after all gifts were open the rest of the family showed up for our last round of christmas. i love how large our immediate family is and there is something so special seeing the kids with their cousins.

after all the gifts were opened, we started dinner and had quite the variety! everything was so delicious and our bellies were all very happy.

after dinner, everyone started to wind down and head home. once again, the house was quiet. the kids all were occupied with their new gifts and john and i relaxed and reflected on how great the day was.

from our family to yours, we hope you had a very merry christmas a wishing you all a wonderful new year!


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