2020 Christmas Decorating

hey there! i hope you’ve been enjoying the first few weeks of december so far. we’ve been keeping busy around the house, nestled in trying to stay warm as the cold front is starting to roll in.

if you’ve followed along for at least the past year, you know what this post is going to be about already. christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and i always try to start decorating for it first chance i get. this year was no exception; we got the home all “christmas-ified” the day before thanksgiving, with our new matching christmas family pajamas worn proudly.

hope you enjoy a quick scroll though our holiday home decor for the year…

we decorate two trees; one we use for all family ornaments. one day when our kids are grown and have families of their own, i can give them their ornaments as keepsakes. until then, i’m so grateful for the paper ornaments, unicorns, and dinosaurs. in my opinion, there is nothing cozier than a tree covered with lights filled to the brim with family ornaments.

speaking of family ornaments; we get every year and this year’s was very fitting.

our second tree is upstairs and glistens in the main living area. we enjoy the bright lights and matching buffalo plaid decorations that is scattered throughout our home. having multiple trees is my favorite and i’m sure we will slowly add more throughout the years.

decorating the christmas tree is one of my favorite traditions; it’s always just so special having the family do it all together. the boys always have the responsibility of putting the star up at the end and i smile so big every time i see mason so happy to do so.

we scatter our stockings along with the dogs stockings on both our mantle and stair railing. i love adding bits of garland and twinkling lights on the railing.

and that, friends and family, is at least a partial tour of our christmas-ified house! happy holidays!


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