a recap of our year – 2020

2020 was definitely a year we will never forget. it started off like any other year, but then the infamous COVID-19 changed the world. and as difficult as it was as all the changes took place among the world, i'm taking this year as something that i will look back to, and be grateful for… Continue reading a recap of our year – 2020



i hope you all had a warm, wonderful christmas! our's was lovely and spent at home. i feel like with all the anticipation and excitement of christmas, it seems to take forever for the day to finally be here and then once it's here, it's gone in the blink of an eye. this year was… Continue reading OUR CHRISTMAS: 2020

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2020; Our Year #LeParteyof6 style

2020 is certainly a year we will never forget; a global pandemic, quarantine, and changes all around the world. but one thing is for sure, COVID-19 didn’t hold us back from making the most out of 2020 and creating so many wonderful memories. more than ever, we learned that there is no place like home… Continue reading 2020; Our Year #LeParteyof6 style


2020 Christmas Decorating

hey there! i hope you've been enjoying the first few weeks of december so far. we've been keeping busy around the house, nestled in trying to stay warm as the cold front is starting to roll in. if you've followed along for at least the past year, you know what this post is going to… Continue reading 2020 Christmas Decorating


Amazon office must-haves

we're all guilty of it; seeing those items that are all over social media and tik-tok and we can't help but want it. there are so many neat gadgets out there that influencers are reviewing that it's hard not to. and now with working from home being the new normal for a lot of people… Continue reading Amazon office must-haves