Mason is 3: A RAWRRRsome birthday party!

it’s hard to believe, but our little mason turned three this month! and even though we’re in the midst of a pandemic, we still wanted to celebrate. so we threw together a small party; inviting just our immediate family to celebrate his special day.

mason is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and has been begging for a dino cake for months so we had to make it happen. aside from ordering a cake, we just ordered a few decorations from amazon. you can see what we bought here; a simple dino set that came with everything that we needed.

mason’s aunt is so talented and made us the cutest matching family dino shirts to wear during the party. they turned out so great and mason looked adorable rocking his “three-REX” tee!

we’re so thankful for everyone making him feel so special on his big day. he truly is so loved.

here’s a few more photos from his birthday celebration…ENJOY!

our summer 2020 family diary.

summer has winded down and the weather is cooling off. the kids are off and back to school and the summer of 2020 is behind us. this summer was certainly different than all others; a whole lot less distractions with a large majority of places being closed.

but truthfully, it was nice. rather than rushing around between places to go, we filled our days with each other instead. we spent so much time together and i’ll forever be thankful for that.

so what did our summer of 2020 look like? a whole lot like this….

visiting the campground and kayaking

one of my favorite places to visit is the campground that i spent most of my childhood weekends at. my parents have a seasonal site there and it’s the perfect little place to get away.

we spent one day kayaking down the river and it was so relaxing. i’m looking forward to taking the kids with us sometime. i know they will love it; especially mason.

birthday celebrations

summers in our home are always full of birthdays. we started summer by celebrating john’s birthday with having family over and ordering pizzas.

in july miss kaylei turned 12 and we took her to a hotel with her cousins to celebrate. we enjoyed the pool for two days straight and the kids all had a blast. i still can’t believe our girl is going to be a teenager next year!

getting a new car

we finally bit the bullet and bought ourselves a new car that would fit all 6 of us. this is our new baby and i’m more than obsessed with it!

backyard parties

one of my favorite things about summer is just being able to hang outside with family and friends. we did plenty of that this summer and it was always so much fun. we would set up the bag set, break out the pool, and enjoy a few cocktails. looking forward to more days like these throughout the fall.

zoo trip

we rounded up most of the family and hauled everyone to the zoo one weekend. we spent most of the morning walking around and then had a picnic lunch out in the parking lot before heading home.

a trip to the sunflower field

it’s always been on my bucket list to visit a sunflower field and once i found out we had one not too far from us, we made a trip there. i got the girlies all dressed up in the cutest yellow outfits, threw some curls in their hair, and had a little photoshoot with them. they will forever be some of my favorite photos of them.

hope you all had a summer just as great as we did!


just like every time around this year, we’ve done everything we need to do: gathered new school supplies, spiffed up the school wardrobe… however, this year was a little different due to covid. they got the option to do in-class learning or e-learning. all three of our girls missed their friends and wanted to try in-class learning.

each year they’re getting more brave, more independent, and ‘oh so confident. this momma was proud of them! i am so looking forward to watching more of them and the lessons that they learn – both in school and in life.

our girls started seventh, third, and first grade this year. we kicked off the new year with some of our typical “first day of school photos”.

and just like previous years, we made sure to do our first day of school “interviews”.

i asked the girls these questions and had to include mason too!


  1. age: 12
  2. grade and teacher: 7th – mrs. dupre.
  3. what i want to be when i grow up: a millionaire
  4. favorite color: orange
  5. favorite movie: kissing booth 2
  6. favorite place to be: at: asleep in my bed
  7. favorite food: sushi
  8. favorite subject in school: math
  9. what do you love: money


  1. age: 6
  2. grade and teacher: 1st – mrs. moyer
  3. what i want to be when i grow up: a window cleaner or police officer
  4. favorite color: purple
  5. favorite movie: matilda
  6. favorite place to be: at: home
  7. favorite food: cheeseburgers
  8. favorite subject in school: math
  9. what do you love: my family


  1. age: 6
  2. grade and teacher: 3rd – mrs. rehnberg
  3. what i want to be when i grow up: a reese’s taste tester
  4. favorite color: pink
  5. favorite movie: home alone
  6. favorite place to be: candy store
  7. favorite food: reese’s
  8. favorite subject in school: art
  9. what do you love: reese’s


  1. age: 2
  2. what i want to be when i grow up: a hot dog
  3. favorite color: red
  4. favorite movie: shark boy and lava girl
  5. favorite place to be: at: in the ocean
  6. favorite food: carrots
  7. what do you love: carrots

“say yes to one more book, one more hug, one more kiss goodnight, tuck them in and snuggle them tight. one day you will tuck them in and they’ll be grown. they will smile and tell you they can do it on their own.”