my thirtieth year.

with a new year and turning thirty-one, i always enjoy a new year to reflect, refresh, and cultivate my goals for the upcoming year.

last year i turned 30, and i thought it would be fun to reflect on my first year in my thirties. it was big year for me; lots of personal growth and finding true happiness with my life.

i hope you enjoy some of these thoughts, moments, and experiences that i’ve had over the past year.

life isn’t done alone. surround yourselves with those who lift you up.

and it’s okay to let go of friendships that aren’t worth your time. some friendships end, and that’s okay. focus on nurturing those close friendships; those are the ones that matter.

don’t let fear control you.

fear can hold you back from living the life you were meant to. don’t be a victim to what scares you; in fact do the things that you’re afraid of. i did so many things this year that scared me, and yes, they terrified me to make those leaps, but the result was so worth it.

sometimes it take thirty years to find your person.

guys. don’t settle. real love is worth waiting for. when you find that person, you’ll know.

age is just a number.

life flies by, and before you know it you’re turning 30. frankly, i was afraid. i was terrified. but 30 came and went and this year i think i realized more than ever, that age is just a number. my thirties are looking pretty great, and i’m just getting started.

travel often.

now is the time to do so.

be vulnerable.

that doesn’t mean you have to be an open book, but don’t be afraid to let people in sometimes. you’ll grow so much from it and even make incredible friendships along the way.

your family is pretty damn cool.

yup, i said it. as you grow older you realize just how much you’re like your parents; how much you enjoy spending time with them and your family.

stop stressing about that to-do list; slow the heck down.

life is too short, and i promise that to-do list will still be there.

thank you for reading; i truly hope that some of these reflections made you smile. i appreciate you joining me alongside this journey. cheers to 31!


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