last day of school interviews (2019/2020).

holy cow! this school year FLEW by. and it goes without saying, the ending of the year was strange! parents became teachers and living rooms became classrooms as we were all faced with the infamous covid-19 quarantine. something i've learned? i'm not made out to be a teacher. i give them so much props! ya'all… Continue reading last day of school interviews (2019/2020).


my thirtieth year.

with a new year and turning thirty-one, i always enjoy a new year to reflect, refresh, and cultivate my goals for the upcoming year. last year i turned 30, and i thought it would be fun to reflect on my first year in my thirties. it was big year for me; lots of personal growth… Continue reading my thirtieth year.


around our house: quarantine 2020.

this blog has always been a space for me to share the beauty of our family's moments, whether if it's from the view of the city streets or the comfort of my couch. a place for me to document all of life's adventures, and this year has been quite the adventure thus far. no words… Continue reading around our house: quarantine 2020.


things bringing me joy during lockdown.

lockdown; a word we're all hearing a lot lately. five weeks in and i think we're slowly becoming used to this new "normal". everyday is different; some days i have a hard time wanting to turn off netflix and get off of the couch, other days i'm beyond productive and feel like i can take… Continue reading things bringing me joy during lockdown.