gardening with my girls

if anyone knows mahkena, they know how much she loves plants and growing things just like her momma. she’s been asking for a while when we can grow another garden, so she was super ecstatic when i told her it was time to go pick out some seeds, and our other two girls were excited to join in on the fun.

we made a quick trip to walmart to pick-up a few supplies. this was easily the girls’ favorite part; they enjoyed picking out their own vegetables to grow.

they eached picked up a few packets of seeds…carrots, peppers, peas, green beans, tomatoes. because it’s currently too cold outside, we picked up some pots to plant them in and keep indoors until we can move them outside. while were there we also grabbed some soil and plant label stakes.

once we got back home, each of the girls helped pour the soil in to each of their pots, planted their seeds, and topped them with some water. a fun little project that i hope they’ll be proud of once they see their seeds starting to sprout.


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