puppy-themed birthday party | mahkena turns 8

people warn you that having kids is exhausting, but they forgot to mention how tiring it is to throw a kid’s birthday party. so much planning, so much time preparing for it, but after seeing how happy your child is during it…’oh so worth it.

mahkena turned 8 and we spent the weekend celebrating with friends and family. this year she asked for a puppy-themed birthday party. that girl and her love for animals is so my favorite!

pinterest came to the rescue once again; i found so many cute ideas for decoration ideas.

mahkena isn’t the biggest fan of cake so this year she asked for a donut “cake”. we also had “pupcakes” for those that didn’t or want donuts.

amazon had quite the array of dog birthday party decorations so we ordered a few of those and sprinkled them throughout the house.

for the party gift/activity for the kids, we bought a pack of plush dogs and i made up some pet adoption certificates. the kids got to pick a dog, name and adopt them, and then create them a beaded collar. mahkena really enjoyed it and it was fun to see some of the names the kids came up with to name their dogs.

mahkena’s friends and family spoiled her so much; she was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. it was well worth all the effort to making her day so special. i still can’t believe our spunky, free-spirited little girl is already 8.

thank you to all who came or wished her a happy birthday. and an even bigger thank you to my guy for being the best partner in giving our girl the best day.


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