february fun | slumber parties, valentine’s day, and the everyday adventures

the month of january seemed like it lasted half a dang year, and now february seems to be just FLYING by. as much as i’m looking forward to warmer weather, i wish it would slow down a bit just so i could enjoy each of these moments a little bit longer.

this month is only a little over halfway through, but i’d thought i’d share some of what we’ve been up to.

you guys, we adulted and got a costco membership. we’ve only just got it and have explored the store three times already. what are some of your must-haves from there? thus far, the street tacos are a must!

we had some family over for the superbowl. good food, drinks, and even better company. i was glad the chiefs won, but honestly, i would have been happy if anyone won that wasn’t the packers.

mahkena has always had such high envisions for her school’s valentine’s day party box, and this year was no different. she found an idea she liked online and we made it come to life. i enjoyed getting crafty with my little one.

kaylei had some family and friends over for a slumber party. based off all the photos, i’d say she had quite a lot of fun. there was lots of pizza, dancing, and even donuts in the morning for breakfast.

by far, this valentine’s day was my favorite. i spent it with my better half and we made a day out of it. we checked out new cars at the chicago auto show, stopped at one of my favorite spots for dinner, and just enjoyed the alone time. everyday, i’m thankful to be sharing my life with this guy.


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