recipe: cheesy chicken broccoli rice casserole.

another family favorite; my oldest begs me to make it for her quite often. it's a one dish recipe; you literally throw everything in one bowl, mix, and then bake. easy and so filling! wanna try it? i’ll share the recipe down below and be sure to let me know what you think if you… Continue reading recipe: cheesy chicken broccoli rice casserole.


just a little january.

this month has been a little quiet here on the blog, so i'm breaking up that silence a bit. how are you all feeling about this month? i've been feeling really GOOD about 2020 - a fresh month, a fresh year, a fresh decade. take a look at what we've been up to... we rang… Continue reading just a little january.


recipe: chicken parmesan.

this is easily one of my favorite recipes, and quite simple to make! it's a meal that looks like you probably spent quite some time on making, but all the ingredients come together nicely, and majority of them you probably already have in your pantry. it's very versatile and can be served as a side… Continue reading recipe: chicken parmesan.


a recap of our year – 2019.

2019 started off challenging, but has ended being one of the very best years. i'm taking this year as something that i will look back to, and be grateful for where it took me. and in 2020, i'm ready for more, more of this happy life. i took a few minutes to look through my… Continue reading a recap of our year – 2019.