our christmas tree.

i’ve been so excited to decorate our christmas tree this year. i find that it always sets the tone; i love waking up in the morning and turning on the lights and immediately the house feels warm and cozy.

if it were up to me we would have christmas trees up for more than just a month or two out of the year, and that’s probably why this year we didn’t make it out of november before putting our’s up.

our plan is to hopefully get another tree or two for our front room and family room downstairs, but wanted to get our main tree up while we had our kids for the weekend. so saturday morning we woke up and hauled all the christmas decor upstairs.

we got the tree up and fluffed and immediately let the kids start hanging ornaments. this is always one of my favorite parts about getting ready for the holidays; just watching the littles make these memories; seeing them smile as they hang the ornaments one-by-one on the tree.

while i love the tree during the day, i love how magical it feels at night. the warm glow makes me want to cozy up and snuggle under a blanket and turn on a christmas movie.

i’ll be sharing more of our holiday photos, but in the meantime, wishing you all a happy thanksgiving; and happy tree decorating!


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