a photo journal – halloween 2019

along with my favorite season, comes one of my favorite holidays. it’s a great kick-off for the rest of the year’s festivities and as an adult, it’s a fun excuse for us adults to get dressed up.

this year we all took part in two separate trick-or-treating events, so we went with two different family costumes.

a few weeks before halloween, we took the kids to the campground that i grew up at and walked them around for trick-or-treating. finding costumes for the six of us was a bit tricky, but once they were all on, it was absolutely worth it. i must say so myself, we make a pretty cute minion family.

the weather was less than cooperative, and even though we all got soaked and muddy from all the rain, the kids got spoiled with lots of candy.

halloween, take two. this one was the real deal. and again, the weather wasn’t very cooperative, but this time with snow.

kaylei had already decided to dress up as winnie the pooh, which made it super easy and i just grabbed her a onesie at walmart; perfect for the cold weather.

the two little gals were set on being cindy lou who and the grinch, so once that was decided, i tried finding something relatable and went with the dr. suess theme and ordered john, mason, and i thing costumes.

the family came over and we rounded all the kids up for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. the snow and cold definitely didn’t stop them from getting loaded up with lots more candy.

i feel that before we know it, our kids are going to strongly resist wanting to join us with family costumes, so until then, i’m going to enjoy every moment of it.

halloween 2019, less than ideal weather and all, was my favorite one yet.

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