thankful thursday.

happy thankful thursday. cheesy? yes, i know. but lately, and especially today being thanksgiving and all, i’ve been feeling especially grateful.

it’s so easy to lose sight of everything we have and those in our life in the midst of a chaotic life. but today, i wanted to focus on the positive things and write about what i’m thankful for…

today, i’m thankful for my family. for the holidays bringing us all together and the time we can share. until you’re older and everyone’s lives are going a million different directions, i don’t think you realize just how much you cherish every moment you get together.

a job that i love. i can’t tell you enough how much better your life is when you wake up every morning knowing that you’re going to a job that you actually enjoy. i enjoy what i do and am so fortunate to work with people that i can consider friends.

my relationship. everyday i’m thankful for him walking into my life. he motivates me to do better in life; he inspires me to be a better version of myself. he was the love i needed when i didn’t know i needed it and i’m in love with the life we’ve created together.

lastly, i’m thankful for our kids. they’re feisty at times and a bit of hard work, but i wouldn’t want them any other way. they constantly make me smile and i’m proud to call them mine.

what are you thankful for?

november favorites

in all seriousness how it it almost december? this truly seems like the quickest year ever, but i feel like i say that every year around this time. i’m so excited for what’s coming up though…the holidays are some of my favorite moments of the year.

i wanted to share with all of you a few of my favorites from this month; a few new, a few old:

e.l.f poreless putty primer

this stuff is phenomenal. i can tell your right now, i will never purchase a different type of primer, ever. it’s a super affordable dupe of the tatcha primer and so comparable. it goes on light, leaves my skin feeling soft, and doesn’t leave any creases throughout the day.

get it here, and only for $8!


i think i’ve shopped at burlington maybe twice throughout my entire life, but recently all four of our kiddos needed snow gear, and with needing so much i looked around for good deals. i priced around for snow pants, snow boots, and mittens and burlington by far had the best deals.

i feel like burlington is one of those stores that are easily forgotten, but i’d highly recommend them for winter gear bargains!


doordash is a food delivery service that i recently tried out. the very best part…it delivers chipotle. i’m a sucker for some chipotle and if i have the opportunity to get it without having to leave my house…you betcha i’m all over it.

use this link to save $15 off on your orders through the doordash service!


everyone that knows me, knows that i LOVE houseplants. i have quite the variety within our home…cacti, aloe, monstera, snakeplant, etc. i love everything about them; the aesthetic that they bring, the way they make our home feel, and the added benefit of them cleaning the air. it’s a great way to bring the outside in.

if you don’t have any, you should pick some up. i guarantee you’ll love having that added touch within your home.

family photos friday.

i’ve always been a big fan of fall family photos – the setting is just perfect and the timing works great to use them for holiday cards. ever since we all moved in together, i’ve wanted to get photos of us altogether to decorate our home with. i saw leigh photography post about fall photo sessions, and that was that – i scheduled us in.

here are a few of my favorite pictures from this year’s family photo session; alyssa truly worked her magic!

we had a great experience with getting our family photos taken. for the most part, the kids did great – i mean as much as they can be; getting four kids to look at the camera at the same time can be quite a bit of a challenge. alyssa from leigh photography did them and she’s so great with children. we did a fair amount of walking around the park to different spots, but were still done in under an hour.

i loved the colors we chose, especially with the fall colors of the park. we purchased our outfits from amazon and were so happy with the results.

and just a little shout out to my guy for being such a trooper and not complaining, not even once, about wrangling our four up to have these done. i love our little tribe that we’ve created together.

our christmas tree.

i’ve been so excited to decorate our christmas tree this year. i find that it always sets the tone; i love waking up in the morning and turning on the lights and immediately the house feels warm and cozy.

if it were up to me we would have christmas trees up for more than just a month or two out of the year, and that’s probably why this year we didn’t make it out of november before putting our’s up.

our plan is to hopefully get another tree or two for our front room and family room downstairs, but wanted to get our main tree up while we had our kids for the weekend. so saturday morning we woke up and hauled all the christmas decor upstairs.

we got the tree up and fluffed and immediately let the kids start hanging ornaments. this is always one of my favorite parts about getting ready for the holidays; just watching the littles make these memories; seeing them smile as they hang the ornaments one-by-one on the tree.

while i love the tree during the day, i love how magical it feels at night. the warm glow makes me want to cozy up and snuggle under a blanket and turn on a christmas movie.

i’ll be sharing more of our holiday photos, but in the meantime, wishing you all a happy thanksgiving; and happy tree decorating!

a photo journal – halloween 2019

along with my favorite season, comes one of my favorite holidays. it’s a great kick-off for the rest of the year’s festivities and as an adult, it’s a fun excuse for us adults to get dressed up.

this year we all took part in two separate trick-or-treating events, so we went with two different family costumes.

a few weeks before halloween, we took the kids to the campground that i grew up at and walked them around for trick-or-treating. finding costumes for the six of us was a bit tricky, but once they were all on, it was absolutely worth it. i must say so myself, we make a pretty cute minion family.

the weather was less than cooperative, and even though we all got soaked and muddy from all the rain, the kids got spoiled with lots of candy.

halloween, take two. this one was the real deal. and again, the weather wasn’t very cooperative, but this time with snow.

kaylei had already decided to dress up as winnie the pooh, which made it super easy and i just grabbed her a onesie at walmart; perfect for the cold weather.

the two little gals were set on being cindy lou who and the grinch, so once that was decided, i tried finding something relatable and went with the dr. suess theme and ordered john, mason, and i thing costumes.

the family came over and we rounded all the kids up for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. the snow and cold definitely didn’t stop them from getting loaded up with lots more candy.

i feel that before we know it, our kids are going to strongly resist wanting to join us with family costumes, so until then, i’m going to enjoy every moment of it.

halloween 2019, less than ideal weather and all, was my favorite one yet.