30 before 30.


i’m a lover of lists and enjoy being able to cross things off of them once they’re complete. it keeps me on track and motivated to get things done.

me turning 30 is scarily just around the corner for me; i’m already dreading it so much.


i’ll be 30 in less than 8 months and am not sure why i’m just now sharing my 30 before 30 list with all of you. but what time is better than now?

1. create a blog

2. visit another country

3. go on a plane

4. get a tattoo

5. buy a house

6. take a pottery class

7. plant a garden

8. go to a nfl football game

9. get my bachelor’s degree

10. see the ocean

11. visit an art museum

12. watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same place

13. watch a movie at a drive-in

14. swim under the stars

15. take a wine and painting class

16. take a yoga class

17. find an active hobby…cycling or running

18. go on a girl’s trip

19. have a booth at a craft show

20. learn to do a handstand

21. do something that terrifies me

22. dye my hair a different color

23. ride in a side-by-side

24. go on a road trip with no planned destination

25. go on a scavenger hunt

26. journal weekly.

27. let go of a floating lattern

28. do a wine tasting

29. pay for a stranger’s meal

30. kick off my 30’s with an adventure

*those in bold i’ve been able to accomplish

september favorites.

crazy to believe that september has almost come and gone already. september is easily my favorite month, and for so many reasons…the summer heat is transitioning into cool, autumn days and finally a reason to wear all my over-sized, comfy clothes.

it was a slightly busier month for me as i spent time with some friends, volunteered with work for the day of caring, and ended the month with a trip down south to visit my grandma for her birthday.

i’ve rounded up a few things that i love from this month to share with you; a few new, a few old:



where have these been all my life? they’re insanely soft and so comfortable! my husband bought me these ones from jane.com in the charcoal gray color and now I want them in every. single. color.

milk and honey

milk and honey

i’ve really enjoyed reading poetry this month, and when looking for new poets, i stumbled across rupi kaur and found her best-selling book.  i purchased it on amazon and it was perfect reading for my long road trip to missouri.

apple pencil case


i carry my ipad and apple pencil with me everywhere. i wanted something slim to keep my pencil in so it didn’t get damaged being tossed in my bag. i tried this case out from amazon and am in love with it. it’s small, has multiple storage spaces, and is big enough to store my head phones in as well.

liam and company 


i order a lot from jane.com, and i mean a lot. a lot. most recently i’ve been ordering a lot of my wardrobe from there and noticed that a lot of the clothes that i liked were from the same boutique…liam and co. their clothes are all super adorable, comfortable, and very affordable!

fall bucket list.


there is something about fall that brings me such a sense of joy; and it’s this time of the year that makes me most thankful that i live in the midwest. there is nothing better than a midwest fall…the crisp, autumn air and apple orchards.

i’m so excited to throw on my leggings and boots, wear my hair down, and bust out ALL the flannels. i love the promise fall brings of over-sized sweaters and cozy blankets, and of course…football!

i wrote out my fall bucket list below, as i try to each time fall comes around; it gives me a gentle reminder to get out there and do the things i want to do.

here’s my bucket list of fall activities that’ll have you enjoying all this season has to offer:

go to a farmer’s market


visit the apple orchard and pumpkin patch


jump in leaf piles


decorate my house with everything fall


plan a camping trip


read a book outside


sleep with the windows open and enjoy the cool air

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what’s on your fall bucket list this year?

things you’ll understand if you work in an office.


i’ve accumulated a few years of office work within my 29 years of life. offices can be odd, odd places…every morning i wake up and drag my butt into a small, confined space where the air is stale to sit in a chair and stare at a computer screen for 8 hours.

these are some of the things that i’ve noticed that you’ll only understand if you work in an office:

the temperature war

most offices only have only two temperatures: arctic tundra or steaming sauna. i’m pretty sure that i spend more time at work trying to wrap up in a blanket or set up my space heater than i actually do working.

weight gain

it’s inevitable. there are always snacks available, and when you’re stuck between cubicle walls for 8 hours a day, everything makes you excited, especially food.

awkward small talk

there’s always that awkward small talk, especially on monday when you get the revolving question “how was your weekend?” and you know they have no care in the world how it actually was.

addiction to caffeine

you’re staring at a computer for 8 hours; what do you expect? one cup a day ends with atleast 5 and you’re left wondering why you have a hard time falling asleep at a decent time at night.

the dreaded office cold

you hear one sniffle coming from the next cube over and you instantly cover yourself in hand sanitizer. regardless, you know that when one coworker goes down, expect it to take out the whole office, regardless of how much emergen-c you drink.

that one, favorite coworker

and then you’ve got your one coworker that you cant imagine not working with. the one you actually get sad about when they take time off. the one coworker that makes work more bearable and you don’t just consider them your favorite because you hate everyone else you work with.