first day of school interviews (2018).

there is no rule book to prepare you for these days. the days where summer comes to an end and you send your kids back to school. the days where all of the love, guiding, laughter, tears, and discipline you’ve poured into them is what you hope is enough to carry them through. summer is… Continue reading first day of school interviews (2018).


5 planner supply storage ideas.

planning can get messy, especially when you're like me and have to sprawl all your planner supplies out when getting crafty. convenient - until you have to clean it all up. i've attempted many different planner storage methods since i began using a planner in 2013. some have worked, some not so much. i typically… Continue reading 5 planner supply storage ideas.


10 fun facts about me.

i'm stepping out of my comfort zone today. i wanted to do a fun, slightly more personal  post. this was actually a little bit harder to do than I thought it would be; who knew it would be difficult to list random things about yourself!  here’s what I came up with… i wanted to be… Continue reading 10 fun facts about me.


if we were having coffee. round 2.

another month and another coffee date. pull up a chair and grab whatever you're drinking; i've got some more to share with you. if we were having coffee, i'd tell you all about how my daughter turned 10 this week and how i still can't believe it. a whole decade of her life has come… Continue reading if we were having coffee. round 2.