a look at my craft room.

there are many reasons that i fell in love with the home we decided to purchase last summer, but when my husband said those sweet, glorious words “if we buy this one, you can have your own craft room”, i knew that this one was the winner.

i thought i’d share a quick craft room ‘tour’ with you guys, along with the links of where i purchased most of the items pictured.



the room isn’t that large, but its the perfect size for what i had in mind for it. and the cherry on top is that is has a large, attached walk-in closet to hide all the eye sores or things i don’t feel like organizing.

i had a few teal organization pieces already, so i decided to keep that color scheme along with adding bits of pink and white to help keep the room looking light and large.

IMG_5239when you walk into the room on the right wall is where i currently have my stamp and ephemera towers.  these are probably the things that i get the most questions about.

i currently use a clear acrylic 7-drawer organizer to store my ephemera and die cuts.  i bought it from homegoods last year on a whim, and so far,  its been perfect!

i purchased the teal tower from ross and it houses a majority of my stamps.  it’s very convenient to keep them in there because anytime i need to use stamps, i just wheel my chair over and flip through to find the ones that i want to use.  right now the tower is full of my favorites from mommy lhey designs and the sassy club.



on the back wall, i bought a long slim table from amazon to keep my sticker bins and wire basket organizer.

the wire basket organizer i purchased from target and it stores all my washi tape that are just tossed in; its a hot mess, but it works for me!

the bins full of stickers are organized by alphas, sticker books, and loose miscellaneous sheets. it helps keep the chaos of stickers a little tamed.


IMG_5074the biggest furniture piece in my craft room is my large, white desk that i bought from amazon.  its my absolute favorite!

i wanted something that had a lot of storage, but without drawers, and still had a whole lot of desk space.

i use it primarily as a space to stack all my planners because i think they look super gorgeous there.  i like having them spread out every day as a reminder of what i have and can switch to if i’m feeling bored with the one i’m currently using.

i usually have two chairs pulled up to my desk so my little ladies can craft right alongside me.  my favorite is the teal/mint green one that i picked up from ross.

hope you all enjoyed the little ‘tour’ of my craft room.  till next time!

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