where you work matters.

where you work matters; not just with regards to what’s best for your family and your finances, but for your mental health.

now, i’m not going to go name-blasting anyone here, but where i used to previously worked sucked.  and i mean, SUCKED.  i didn’t mind the actual work that i did, but it was so hard to try and stay positive in a place that was always so negative.

i was always so angry. i came home so frustrated from dealing with the constant negativity that it began to effect my home life. i couldn’t take it and i knew that something had to change.

then began the job searching. i applied, i waited, and then i applied some more.  a few weeks passed and i was given a job offer from a company that i was very familiar with and heard only great things about.  with no hesitation, i accepted and was given a start date.

i’ve been at my new employer for a few months and without a doubt, know that i made the right decision. my life has changed because of it.

don’t be afraid to remove something  from your life that makes you unhappy. take those chances.


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